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“We used Eco-Encapsulate Liquid and Powder on our shop floor and were amazed at what it did to remove old stains and new spills.  The best part is that it does not require special handling, gear, or disposal.  As it is EPA certified for land fill, we could have thrown it away legally, but we opted to recycle the product as clean fuel to protect the earth.”

Broc Sondgroth
Service/Parts Director
South County Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Eco-Clean Technologies  

Eco-Clean Technologies prides itself in being one of the innovators for green cleaners and degreasers. Here are some of the things that distinguishes Eco-Clean Technologies from the rest. 

Cleans Effectively - Green cleaners have a stigma associated with them that they do not clean well, which is not the case with Eco-Clean Technologies.  



The new vision for green solutions

Our LED lamps and tube arrays replace incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights rated from 5 to 150 watts.




Available in liquid and powder. It works on any surface: Driveways, dirt, hard surfaces, and water.
Absorbs and encapsulates: gas, fuel oil, motor oil, diesel oil, kerosene, paint, aviation fuel, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, and much more.  EPA certified so you can throw it in the trash. This works on everything from old oil stains on your driveway, oil and fuel in your bilge or fuel oil about to 
leak into a reservoir.

Eco-Sock- boaters bilge pal
Spill carts for auto shops